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Action Packed COMPETITION With A Former Member of Seal Team 6

Surviving Mann 3 Casting

Surviving Mann is the ultimate test of strength, strategy, and survival.
Hosted by SEAL Team 6 Spec Ops veteran, extreme adventure champion, and New York Times Best-Selling author Don Mann, this high-stakes military challenge competition takes contestants to remote training locations where they must battle it out for the chance to challenge Don in the ultimate survival showdown.
With the addition of MMA legend Randy Couture in Season One, and “America’s Sheriff” Sheriff Mark Lamb in Season Two, this high-stakes competition is elevated to new heights, as contestants from all walks of life face off and fight to claim the top spot.
If you think you have what it takes to compete, just complete the form on this page and we’ll reach out to you promptly with more info on how to participate.

Casting Deadline
October 1st 2023

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Surviving Mann - The Show

Contestant Opportunity

Don Mann, former SEAL Team 6 Special Operations, is looking for individuals with a military, law enforcement, or firearms expertise background who are athletically fit to participate in one of the most challenging firearms and military exercise courses ever created.

The Surviving Mann challenge emphasizes shooting accuracy while navigating a course containing shoot houses, towers, repelling, sniper ranges and assault tactics. The challenges are also timed.
Contestants can be current or former military and law enforcement but the competition is not limited to either category. Individuals with comparable competencies may also apply.
Surviving Mann Seasons 1 & 2 are currently airing globally across the American Stories Network including our apps on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and the web. It is also airing on the Pursuit Channel on broadcast cable TV and will soon be available on their on-demand platform Pursuit UP TV.
We continually expand the distribution of our shows, so their viewing extends well beyond their original release channels.
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The location for the filming of Surviving Mann Season 3 is currently being finalized. We will notify contestants via email as soon as location details are determined.

When Is It?

Filming for Surviving Mann Season 3 is currently planned for early December 2023.
If you would to participate in Surviving Mann, please complete the form below and our production team will contact you directly. If you know someone you feel would like to participate, please send them the link to this page. Please do not complete the form for anyone but yourself. Thank you!
We hate spam as much as you do. We do not sell or rent personal information.
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