American Stories Advertising Opportunities

The Seamless Ad

The seamless ad is designed to look like it is a natural part of the show. This ensures that a large part of the audience will watch the ad with more focus.
Don Mann on Mt. Everest

Product Placement

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Product placement advertising was developed to show off a product in a “demonstrable” fashion. By showcasing the product in use the consumer can better envision purchasing and then consuming the product.

Advertising Opportunity

The advertising opportunity is subject to change based on show
schedule and availability.

The Seamless Ad

Advertising includes full integration of your product or service into the show’s story across one or more episodes. You or your company representative will also be incorporated into the show’s story and appear to describe & demonstrate your product to the cast. The Seamless Ad Integration segment can be used on any website or social profile.

Product Placement

This advertising includes placement and story integration of products in shows where cast members mention benefits of the product. In addition, since the advertising is permanently included in the show, it runs whenever & wherever the show runs. The Seamless Ad can be used on any website or social profile.

Become An Owner Advertiser

Learn how your first advertising spends with American Stories can provide you a significant number of shares in the company.

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