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American Stories Entertainment, in partnership with, has launched American Stories Athletes (ASA). With the recent decisions to allow amateur athletes to earn money from their name, image and likeness (NIL) a tremendous opportunity is now available for these athletes to earn additional funds to support their dreams., a celebrity based marketing company, has generated substantial funds for professional football, basketball, baseball and MMA sports figures through endorsement deals with all manner of companies. By partnering with American Stories Athletes, can work with ASA to generate commercial opportunities for amateur athletes through ASA shows and via social campaigns involving profiles controlled by the athletes.

Lastly, American Stories Entertainment is already aggressively working in the NFT (non fungible tokens) space to generate substantial revenues involving digital collectibles sold as NFT.

Register To Be Promoted By American Stories Athletes

We are now registering all types of athletes (both amateur and professional) into our talent roster on a non-exclusive basis. All an individual has to do is supply basic information on the form and they will be eligible for various endorsement opportunities.

 The NIL Process

After an athlete registers as an American Stories Athlete, ASA will work with to gain exposure for the purposes of endorsement opportunities for the registrant. Here is the process:

  • A company expresses interest in an athlete.
  • ASA negotiates a NIL fee and presents it for approval to the athlete.
  • A basic agreement is entered into by the athletes and the company seeking an endorsement.
  • The athlete completes the endorsement action
  • ASA pays the athlete directly. 

 Become an American Stories Athlete now!

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