Filling Demand For A

Massive Underserved Market

American Stories Entertainment targets the viewer that considers themselves left behind by traditional entertainment providers. This includes people in small town America and the general population found between the east and west coasts of the USA.

American Stories Entertainment’s plan revolves around creating premium original content using a phased approach so as to be able to adjust and modify programming that best serves our unique audience.

We start with the production of four 12 minute episodes (segments) that can be broadcast separately or combined together into 30 or 60 minute episodes (2 – 4 segments). This allows the content to be shown on YouTube, Roku or on broadcast TV.

Advertisers are shown the completed shows, prior to broadcast, at which point they can purchase ad time or even product placement slots for future shows.  ASE, because it controls various distribution assets such as YouTube, Recoil TV, Roku and other outlets, can make future content decisions based on direct viewer and advertiser input.

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If a show is successful, both from the consumer perspective and advertiser response, ASE will extend the respective series for additional shows. As the additional episodes are added to the series the content can be tweaked and modified to better serve our audiences (consumers and advertisers). Consumer opinion is weighted much higher with regard to content decisions.

You make the stories.

A breakthrough viral growth tool will be deployed that brings the audience directly into the production of content. Using mass online market research platforms, ASE will ask its viewers to participate in the creation of content. By asking viewers to answer a series of questions, they can provide story ideas to ASE and help in the selection of scripts and even potential talent for future shows. This tool will result in an ever growing database of “You Make The Stories” participants. A movement of millions of fans will be built through this process who have direct “buy in” for each project through participation in the ongoing research process.
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The Duck Dynasty Effect

The massively successful show, Duck Dynasty, made most of its revenue through in-show product placement and eventually found its way into tens of thousands of stores with its own branded merch. By 2013 Duck Dynasty was generating 500 million in sales. Through our relationship with Kevin Harrington as host of American Dreams, the company can begin embedding products in each show with the intent to get mass marketing in the future.

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