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Some of the Shows You'll see on the American Stories Network

Surviving Mann

Surviving Mann is the ultimate test of strength and survival. Hosted by Don Mann, a SEAL Team 6 Special Operations veteran and New York Times Best-Selling author, this unique competition takes contestants to a remote location for the chance to handle any challenge Don throws at them in the ultimate survival showdown. The upcoming season involves the best of the best cast members from season one and two of Surviving Mann in one-on-one faceoffs. There will be special guests from the military and entertainment world to add even more excitement to the show. To find out who will come out on top, tune in to Surviving Mann at or on the American Stories app on your favorite device.

Boom America

Prepare for a life-changing show hosted by none other than the legendary Kevin Harrington. A pioneer of the infomercial industry and an original star of the hit TV series Shark Tank, Kevin leads a powerhouse team of business experts on a mission to take four innovative companies to new heights. The real work begins as the chosen companies embark on a journey of explosive growth, guided every step of the way by the seasoned professionals of Kevin’s team. Get ready for a game-changing ride as Boom America premieres in 2024.

Country Ball

High school coaching prodigy head coach Jesse Chinchar, who has gained over 600 scholarship offers for players at his small private school, hunts down diamonds in the rough. Rural players who are great yet aren’t getting exposure and can’t get a scholarship. Jesse changes that, helping with advice, strategies and tactics to get them the exposure and offers they’re lacking. In return, players take Jesse on hometown adventures they love like hunting, shooting, fishing, racing and more. Watch the show now at

The Mission

Hosted by SEAL Team 6 Veteran, competitive adventure innovator, and New York Times best-selling author Don Mann, “The Mission” melds high adventure with philanthropy, thrusting top-tier executives into challenges far beyond their boardrooms. Delving deep into the SEAL philosophy of dedication, teamwork and resilience, these episodes test both their resolve and their spirit of helping others. Beyond mere competition, it’s about leveraging success for the greater good. Viewers witness the profound impact of determination and compassion, exploring how even small acts of goodwill can redefine purpose. Dive into personal growth and discover the boundless potential to brighten the world with “The Mission.”

Surviving Mann: The Aftermath

This freewheeling show-after-the-show puts together top cast members of Surviving Mann and celebrity guests who take us behind-the-scenes of each Surviving Mann episode. They reveal secrets about what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling and what’s in store for the next episode. As a fan bonus, each episode takes the cast on an electrifying survival or shooting challenge fans will love. Watch it now on

No Huddle Life

Bill Rooney, celebrity manager and media innovator, hit a crossroads in life after hitting a major health obstacle. Was he going to continue “the grind” or take on a bucket list of high adventure in the Colorado Rockies. Bill decided to take the path less traveled and headed to the Rockies. He didn’t huddle up those people close to him and chart a “safe” path. He is now flying down the football field of life calling new plays filled with risk and spontaneity in his No Huddle Life. Watch it now on AmericanStories.TV.

Surviving Mann: All-Stars

Top performing cast members of Surviving Mann take on every challenge that they can find. Season 1’s All-Stars are Surviving Mann’s top-3 finishers, Chris Way, Nick Rhine and Landon Church who face off against three Special Forces challengers in a non-stop 48 hour event involving every type of nature based obstacle Don Mann can throw at them. Now playing on

Beyond the Close

Top real estate agents are selected to be guided by the pros to become celebrity agents in their own marketplace. Watch how top industry judges Kevin Harrington, an original shark on the hit TV Shark Tank, nationally known real estate celebrity Jason Williford and internet guru Laura Betterly pick and then help successful real estate agents make it to the next level. Which will make the biggest impact? Watch it now on
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This Week In High School Football

Want to know which high-school teams are the best in the USA? How about the commitment plans of some of the top college team prospects? John Garcia, Jr., (Rivals, 247, SI99), runs this high-energy inside look at the hottest college football recruit prospects and the teams that make them great.
John’s knowledge base is extraordinary and you won’t go wrong tuning into this show for insightful football perspectives.
. Watch it now at

On Target

Hold your breath as you bear witness to steely eyes behind poised scopes in On Target, the new ASE show that covers the sport of competitive shooting.
Possibly the most popular underground sport in the United States with over 11,000 NRA sanctioned shooting competitions each year and still thousands more ancillary events, competitive shooting is the new “MMA”. The new ASE show “On Target” takes you behind the gates to some of the top competitions in America (and a few trailblazers too!). Meet the competitors. Witness their tactics and weapons of choice while you drool over the coolest pro gear you’ve ever seen. Learn more here.
On Target - the show that covers competitive shooting from muzzle to stock.

Surviving Mann Contestant and Professional Competitive Shooter Chris Way in competition.

America's Game of the Week - Friday Night Football

Each week two nationally ranked high school football teams will square off to win the “Game of the Week”. See the star players destined to play on Saturdays, and even Sundays, in the future. Games will be held in some of the most famous high school stadiums in the country and could dictate who will win coveted state championships.

Blue Valor

When one of our men and women in blue goes beyond the call of duty, risking their lives to help others, a very small number win law enforcement’s highest honor – the Medal of Valor. Their shocking, heart wrenching stories will be revealed in riveting emotional interviews and precise reenactments. In each show mind bending twists can occur, including surprise endings. They say truth is stranger than fiction. Prepare to find out in Blue Valor.
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Like A Train

In Like a Train, the award-winning documentary that began as a student film project, you will follow the Clearwater Knights, a high school football team determined to have a perfect, undefeated season, and to have fun doing it.

With a coaching prodigy, not even twenty-five years old, at the helm, leading the team alongside his best friend, the Knights are a unique blend of humor, tenacity and heart. Their story will excite you, move you and make you think about things you didn’t expect of a sports documentary.

Its original score, also composed and performed by the students, will have you tapping your feet as you root for the Knights.

Like a Train isn’t just about football, it’s about life, love and people. Watch it now on AmericanStories.TV.

Recruit Round Table

Want to know what it really takes for high school football players to get scholarship offers? Country Ball star Coach Jesse, and the host of Rise to the Top and This Week in High School Football, John Garcia Jr., reveal the inner secrets of college football recruitment by bringing in both high school and college coaches to discuss what’s really going on. Look for top high school candidates to also pull up a chair and discuss their future in football and beyond.

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Rise to the Top

Join John Garcia Jr. (Rivals, 247, SI99), in his on going search for the top high school football players in America. Rise to the Top highlights top scholarship candidates in and around their high school  before a big game. These are the players who are destined to play in the NFL so take a glimpse into the future.

Watch online or download to watch on your favorite device live and on-demand.

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