Hot TV Team Up: Don Mann and Mike Glover Join Forces for Explosive Season Three of “Surviving Mann”

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November 15, 2023 – Dunedin, Florida: American Stories Entertainment, Inc. is delighted to announce Don Mann’s co-host for Surviving Mann Season 3. The indomitable Mike Glover, CEO of Fieldcraft Survival, is joining forces with renowned Navy SEAL Team 6 veteran and adventure competition innovator Don Mann as co-host for the highly anticipated third season of Don’s hit American Stories series “Surviving Mann.”
Following strong from its streaming launch in 2021 and its broadcast debut earlier this year “Surviving Mann” has solidified its reputation as the ultimate crucible of strength, strategy, and survival with fans nationwide. This riveting military-themed challenge series pushes contestants through a grueling SEAL training inspired selection process, climaxing in a classified mission inspired by Mann’s real-world experiences.
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Mike Glover, a former Special Forces Green Beret, and an elite sniper with a wealth of overseas operations under his belt, brings his unyielding Army spirit to Don’s unwavering Navy SEAL resolve. As the head of Fieldcraft Survival, Glover’s expertise in preparing individuals for worst-case scenarios is perfectly aligned with the challenges Mann has masterminded for a diverse cast drawn from all walks of life. Glover’s inspiration also extends beyond the screen with his popular “Mike Force” Podcast, available on all platforms.
In an exclusive interview, Robert Cefail, President of American Stories, underscored the synergy between Mann and Glover, stating, “Mike’s military prowess and his ability to educate the public on navigating crisis scenarios harmoniously complements Don Mann’s vision for Season Three.”
Don Mann is eagerly anticipating the season’s challenges, declaring, “Mike and I share a parallel military journey, and we are ready to put this new season’s cast members to the ultimate test.”
Mike Glover now joins the esteemed roster of “Surviving Mann” co-hosts, succeeding UFC legend Randy Couture in Season One and America’s Sheriff Mark Lamb in Season Two. Mike’s enthusiasm for the collaboration is reflected in his own words: ” Resilience isn’t given, it is earned in both tangible and intangible challenges that we face in life. Don and I have the unique opportunity to present these contestants with a once in a lifetime experience­­ – one that will change the entire scope of how they view themselves and their role in this world. I’m stoked for the opportunity and eager to get to work.”
Filming for Season Three is slated to commence in the first quarter of 2024, promising the most formidable challenges ever witnessed in this ground-breaking series. Be prepared for an adrenaline-fueled journey as “Surviving Mann” returns to The Pursuit Channel in the summer of 2024.
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